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Sleeping Beauty at the Bradford Playhouse

Sleeping Beauty at the Bradford Playhouse I’m volunteering in the technical team for another show at the Bradford Playhouse. Once again, it’s a show by the Bradford Players, and it’s time for their annual pantomime. This year, it’s Sleeping Beauty.

Christine and I have been in over the weekend, helping/hindering with set building, rigging and painting in various amounts. There’s a couple of rehearsals to go, and then the show opens this Wednesday. It promises to be aa great show, based on what I’ve seen so far, but I’ve promised not to spoil anything about the show. Which is a shame as some of the props are awesome.

Tickets are selling well and there are limited tickets remaining in the stalls on Friday and Saturday, so I would suggest pre-booking if you can. It’s a pantomime and so it’s suitable for all of the family, and unlike other pantos, it’s not full of washed-up 1980s D-list celebrities!

I won’t be on stage but will be behind the scenes all week. Hope to see some of you there!

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