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Thames Barrier

Thames Barrier

This is the seventh, and final, in a series of posts about what we did on our recent trip to London.

After visiting the Crossness Pumping Station, we made a quick detour to the Thames Barrier viewpoint on the south side of the river near Charlton. We’d been to the Thames Barrier Park on the north side of the river before, which gives you a good view of the barrier itself, but not much else.

Because of the curvature of the River Thames, you can see much more on the south bank. There’s the Millennium Dome O2, Arabfly Dangleway Emirates Airline, Canary Wharf, and you can even see The Shard in the distance. Looking in the other direction, you can watch planes come into land into London City Airport, and see the parts of Docklands that haven’t yet been developed as much.

Thames Barrier and Canary Whaf

At the viewpoint there is a small café and information centre. We had a drink and a snack at the café but skipped the information centre, as we were already quite familiar with the history of the barrier and the need for it. The café also lists the scheduled closing times (which are available online as well) with the next one on Tuesday morning, if you want to head over there to take photos. I can’t guarantee the weather will be as good as it was when we went; despite being mid-October it was still quite warm and very sunny. Of course, unscheduled closures may happen if there’s a flood.

That’s it for what we did in London, as after this we started to make our way home. Considering we were only there for one weekend, we managed to cram a lot in, hence why it’s taken me seven blog posts to get through everything. As Christine is now seven months pregnant, I don’t think we’ll be having any more big weekends like this at least until the baby is born.

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