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App of the Week: Typorama

Created using Typorama

If you’ve spent any time on social media – especially Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram – then you’ll be used to seeing inspirational photos with text overlaid. If you want to create your own, then Typorama can make this easy for you.

Screenshot of Typorama on the iPhoneIt’s a relatively straightforward app to use. Start with a background, which can be one of the many generic backgrounds built-in to the app, or your own photo from your Camera Roll. Next select the size – square for Instagram, landscape for Twitter, or the ideal size for an iPhone wallpaper. Finally, type your text, style it, and share it.

You can make plenty of adjustments first though. You can apply various filters to the image, choose from various different text styles in different colours, adjust the image brightness and contrast, and more. And when you’ve done, you can share straight into most social networks, including WhatsApp and Pinterest as well as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also save the image and share it using any other app on your device that supports share services. And there’s an option to turn your creation into a canvas print if you wish.

Typorama is really simple to use, and produces really good results – I was surprised at just how effective it was. The app is universal and can be used on either an iPhone or iPad, although the latter offers a better experience, thanks to its larger screen.

Originally you had to pay to download Typorama, but it recently became a freemium app. All the images you create will have a ‘Made with TYPORAMA’ watermark on unless you pay £1.49 to remove it, which, if you want to make more than a few images, you’ll want to do. You can also pay extra for more filters and customisations.

Typorama is available from the App Store.

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  1. I need to know how to prevent one particular photo from appearing in every meme that I do with Typorama. But I think its a great App.