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Poppy the one-eyed cat

Poppy the cat, post- vet visit.

This is Poppy, my mother-in-law’s cat. The photo is a couple of years old, from when she was still a kitten. Notice how she has two eyes.

She now, sadly, only has one eye.

Because some degenerate decided to shoot her in the eye with an air rifle.

This was last Thursday. She came home with blood dripping out of a burst eye in distress. Fortunately she’s registered with a vet who offers a 24 hour emergency service and so we were able to get her seen to despite it being at about 8pm in the evening. It also helped that I now have a car – Christine’s mum can’t drive and as it was Eid al-Adha, many of the local taxi drivers were taking the night off.

At first we thought she’d been in a fight, either with another cat, or a bird. But the vet found an airgun pellet lodged in her skull when she operated. Thankfully she was allowed to go home the following day, and is making a good recovery, although she is still getting used to having just one eye. The stitches should come out tomorrow, all being well. And we’re fortunate that my mother-in-law has pet insurance, as the out-of-hours call-out and operation together cost over £600.

The police have been informed, although I doubt they will have the time or resources to be able to investigate.

But still, what kind of person do you have to be to want to shoot a poor, defenseless animal?

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