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Making a house a home (part V)

Filling in the hole in the floor

We’re making some more progress with the house (here’s the previous update). The big news is that we will, finally, be moving in next weekend.

This is partly because all of the main jobs are done, but also because we’re basically broke. Trying to run two houses for four months has been very expensive, and the longer we stay in the rented flat, the more money we’re throwing away. In hindsight, the £2000 or so that we’ve spent on rent in that time could have been better spent on getting professionals in to move things on a bit quicker, but never mind.

The main bit of work that I have done is filling in holes in the dining room floor. Unlike other rooms in the house, the dining room has a solid floor, but there was a channel along the back wall which originally housed a gas pipe. That’s been removed, as after we took out two of the gas fires it became redundant, but it left a long gap between the floor and the skirting board, and quite a deep hole in one corner. I’ve filled it all in with mortar; this was the first time I’ve ever done such a job and actually I’m quite impressed with the result. The photo was taken just after I had put it down, but now that it’s dried and I’ve sanded down the rough edges, it looks just like the rest of the floor.

However, it won’t be there for much long as we are having laminate floor laid over the top next week. This will be after we’ve moved in so we’ll have to limit how much stuff we have downstairs.

Having a car has meant we’ve been able to take more of our belongings over and we’ve probably moved at least a third of the contents of our flat now. The big stuff remains, until the weekend when we’ll (hopefully) have some help shifting things.

It’ll good to finally be able to live in the house after all this time.

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