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Pregnancy books

Pregnancy books: Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, and Fantastic First-Time Father

Thanks for your kind comments about our big news, both on here and elsewhere. Whilst we’ve known for weeks now, we’d kept Christine’s pregnancy relatively quiet until after the first ultrasound scan. This is mostly because the major risk of miscarriage is in the first trimester.

Like many first-time parents, we’ve already started reading the various pregnancy books. The two that we’ve bought are:

Dr Stoppard’s book is a pretty hefty read and I’m only two-thirds of the way through. I skipped the bit about conception and IVF as we were already past that stage by the time we bought it. It’s very thorough, if a little out-of-date, having been published 7 years ago; therefore some of its advice is no longer best practice. For example, it advises pregnant women not to get the ‘flu vaccine, whereas now the general advice is the opposite. Other than that, I’d recommend it as it covers almost everything.

Fantastic First-Time Father is a much newer book, having been published a couple of years ago, and it shows. The book is written in a very casual style with tweet-length pull quotes and hashtags. But I enjoyed reading it; it’s useful, but not patronising, either to you or your partner. It’s very positive and re-assuring. Again, I haven’t read all of it – I got as far as a few weeks after birth and decided that I’d be better revisiting it further down the line.

Having read both books, we’ve been able to go into Christine’s scans and midwife appointments feeling more informed. We’ve got a clearer idea about what is going to happen, between now and when the baby arrives some time this winter. Both books are available on Amazon, and Fantastic First-Time Father can be bought as a Kindle edition, but we actually got our copies from a real high street bookshop. Whilst we found them both very useful, there are also hundreds of similar books out there that may or may not be better or worse.

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