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Ten years a graduate

That's Neil Turner BSc (hons) to youThis week, the annual summer graduation ceremonies take place at the university where I work. 10 years ago, I was there as a graduand myself.

It doesn’t feel like 10 years have passed since then. Probably because I now work at the same university from which I graduated, but also because I graduated again in 2007 with a postgraduate diploma. I still have the suit I wore, and it still fits me – just.

The graduation ceremonies are always a great time to be on campus and I enjoy getting involved. My roles have varied as I’ve moved between jobs at the university; in the past, I’ve been a steward, an usher, and I’ve even reprised my graduation robes a couple of times to lead the academic procession into the hall. More recently, as I’ve moved into an academic faculty, I’ve been more involved with the reception and prize-giving for our particularly exceptional graduates.

As my work is primarily concerned with admissions and recruitment, I get to see students right from when they first apply and attend interviews, all the way through to when they get their degrees at the end of their course. And it’s great to see how our students grow and mature as they study their courses with us.

For some, this is the end of their time with us, as they move on to bigger and better things now that they have a degree under their belts. For others, it’s merely the end of a chapter as students take a well-earned summer break before starting further study in September. Maybe in another ten years’ time, one of two of the class of 2015 will be still hanging around like I am.

If you’re receiving your degree this summer, then congratulations – having done one myself, I know how much work is involved and you should be very proud.

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