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Home Shopping, part III

Newby Hall

It’s been a while since I last posted an update about our quest to buy a house. In mid-February, we had an offer accepted on a house in Sowerby Bridge, not far from where we’re renting now. We’re still planning to move in soon, but the sale has been held up by our mortgage lender. Firstly they requested a full structural survey, which we had done in March, and then later asked for a damp survey, completed a couple of weeks ago. Whilst understandable – the property was built in the late 19th Century – it’s meant that the sale has dragged on much longer than planned.

Thankfully the structural survey came back showing that there were no issues (bar some minor re-pointing that we can do in future if needed), but the damp survey suggested that around £1500 worth of work is required imminently. So although our mortgage is now (finally!) approved, there’s a £1500 retainer that will be held until we can prove that we’ve had the work done. But it does mean that we can sort it out ourselves once we have the keys.

We’ve signed the legal papers and so we should get a date for completion soon. Once we have fully completed and exchanged, we’ll give notice on our current flat, do a bit of repainting (and get the damp course sorted), and then move in. It’ll be the first time we’ve moved in four years, so I’m expecting that we’ll have a lot of stuff to get rid of in the process.

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  1. Congrats guys, sorry to hear it’s been a hastle but hopefully smooth from here on!