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App of the Week: Airmail 2

Screenshot of Airmail 2

About 18 months ago, I reviewed Airmail, a third-party email app for Mac OS X. Today, I’m reviewing a new version of the app – which is version 2.1 at time of writing.

I’ve been using the previous version of Airmail for some time now. It manages the balance between simplicity and power; the interface is simple and focussed on quick reading and sorting of messages, but it also includes many of the features of more powerful email clients. POP3, IMAP and Exchange email accounts are all supported, and it includes extensive support for Gmail-specific features, including OAuth authentication (so no need to create a separate ‘app password’).

Airmail 2 isn’t a massive change from the previous version, which is actually a good thing as version 1 got a lot of things right. The interface has changed a bit, with a flatter, more out-lined appearance, and some aspects of the app have been re-designed. The biggest change I noticed was its speed – my major complaint with Airmail 1 was that it was a bit slow, and thankfully Airmail 2 is much faster at starting up.

Another major new feature is plugins. At present there are just two, one to add S/MIME support, and another which integrates with GnuPG for email encryption and signing. Whilst I don’t use PGP very often, it’s handy to have this available.

Airmail 2 is somewhat more expensive than its predecessor. Currently it costs £8 which I believe is an introductory price; this is to allow users of Airmail 1 to upgrade at a discount, seeing as the Mac App Store doesn’t officially allow paid updates to existing apps. If this is so, then eventually the cost will rise to £16, and whilst I like it, I’d also struggle to recommend it as much at that price. But at £8, it’s worth looking into.

Airmail 2 is available from the Mac App Store.

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