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Catching up


Last month, not counting the automatically-posted lists of links that I’ve saved on Pinboard, I wrote three blog posts. Sadly, I’ve not really had much time to sit down and actually write anything much of late.

Work has only just started becoming quieter – January-April is one of our busier periods where we interview prospective students. Christine and I were also both involved in two BUSOM shows – last week’s concert, which went well, thanks for asking, and the show in March. The house purchase has been progressing, albeit slowly, and I’ll write more about that later this week. And I’ve had a renewed interest in playing World of Warcraft following the release of Patch 6.1, so that’s eaten up quite a bit of spare time too.

The result of all of my busyness has not just prevented me from writing blog posts. I’m still reading some longform articles saved to Pocket in February, and haven’t had the chance to edit my photos from my trip to the Middle East which was over six weeks ago.

Now that work has calmed down, I should be able to take more annual leave. And not having rehearsals on weekday evenings will free up quite a bit of time as well. So hopefully I’ll have chance to write down all of the things I’ve been wanting to talk about recently.

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