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Crowdfunded: Exploding Kittens

One of the more recent projects that I’ve backed on Kickstarter was Exploding Kittens, along with over 200,000 0ther people. Indeed, it was the most-backed project ever in Kickstarter’s history, and smashed its initial goal of just $10,000 – ultimately raising almost $9 million.

The art for the game has been designed by Matthew Inman, better known as The Oatmeal, who has a formidable following on social media. Consequently it reached its initial goal within minutes of launch and stretch goals were added retrospectively.

The game is still being tested; whilst the Kickstarter ended some time ago, it’s expected to be July before the first packs are sent out. I opted for the more expensive ‘NSFW’ pack, which includes extra cards of an adult nature, along with the basic family-friendly game. If a game about kittens that try to detonate themselves can be seen as ‘family friendly’.

At $35 (plus international shipping), this was also the most I’ve ever pledged to a Kickstarter campaign, but as someone who has enjoyed The Oatmeal (and I own a couple of the books), I imagine it’s something that I’d want to buy anyway at launch. I’m looking forward to playing it later this year.

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