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Plugs for international travel

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I’m abroad at the moment, and it was only a few days before I travelled that I realised that I didn’t know what plug sockets the countries I’d be travelling to used. Not having the right adaptors whilst there might mean that I’d be unable to charge up my devices – phone, iPad, razor, camera etc.

Across the globe, there are 15 different types of plugs and sockets in use, according to this page on They’re labelled A-O, with N and O the newest standards. N was supposed to be a new international standard and was first introduced in 1986, but is so far restricted largely to Brazil, and O is being introduced in Thailand.

Brits will recognise type G, as this is the standard UK plug socket. It’s a decent standard, as this video from Tom Scott demonstrates, with a number of safety features. But it’s not cross-compatible with any other plug type without an adaptor.

I’m mainly visiting Oman and Jordan on my travels, and, as it happens, Oman also uses type G so I shouldn’t have any difficulty plugging my devices in. Jordan is a different matter; despite being a relatively small country with a population under 7 million, I may find plug types C, D, F, G and J all in use. Whilst some of those are cross-compatible with other types, I’m going to have to buy one of those international multi-adaptors just to be sure. At least they can agree on one supply voltage.

There’s a full list of what plug type each country uses here. Some, like Jordan, use several – the Maldives has six! – others, like the UK, just have one. It’s a handy guide for anyone who often travels to different countries.

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