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Crowdfunded: Shock Treatment

Did you know that the film Rocky Horror Picture Show had a sequel? It was called Shock Treatment, and was released 6 years after the first film in 1981. Rocky Horror was, and indeed still is, a musical stage show, but Shock Treatment was only ever a film.

That was about to change, with the launching of a Kickstarter campaign to bring Shock Treatment to the stage. It had the backing of Rocky Horror’s creator, Richard O’Brien (who plays Riff Raff in the film adaption). I pledged £10 to have my name in the programme.

I’ve seen the film a few times, and was also part of the technical crew for a stage production of it in October last year – albeit a production that was put together in only 24 hours. It’s a favourite of mine and I know most of the songs.

Sadly this was the first (and so far only) Kickstarter campaign that I’ve backed which failed to meet its target. The goal was a relatively modest £5000, but only £587 was pledged despite a long funding period.

However, it looks like the show will go on – the King’s Head Theatre is still taking bookings for the show which opens next month. Hopefully it’ll be a success and gain the cult following its more well-known prequel has.

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