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Don’t believe me, just watch

Photo of a Skagen wrist watch

I wear a watch on my right hand – even though I’m right-handed. It’s not a fancy watch – it’s analogue, and as well as telling me the time it also shows the day of the month (although it’s usually wrong). It doesn’t automatically adjust for daylight savings time, or have alarms. It doesn’t even have a stopwatch, which means that I, ironically, have to use my phone as a stopwatch, rather than my watch.

But it’s simple, and in the 3-4 years I’ve had it, the battery has only had to be replaced once after running out of charge. It doesn’t need charging, updating or to be in range of another device.

Yesterday Apple finally announced pricing and a launch date for its new smart watch. Brits can expect to pay £299 for the most basic model, with more expensive models available at prices that make my inner Yorkshireman cry. It can do all sorts of things, like display text messages, make and answer phone calls, manage your calendar, display maps and monitor your fitness, and you can install third-party apps to make it do even more. It’ll even work as a watch and display the time – which is kept up to date from internet time servers.

Which sounds all rather flash. But I won’t be buying one.

Having a smartphone has changed my life – indeed, I’ll soon be facing a week where I’ll have patchy internet access and I’m already trying to work out how I’ll manage. But I don’t think I need yet another device that does the things my iPhone can do.

And the battery life is a concern – it’s estimated to last 18 hours, so I’d need to charge it up every night. A big change from my current watch that needs a new battery every few years.

I’ve yet to be convinced about the need for a smart watch, but I’ll try to retain an open mind. I’m sure Apple will sell millions regardless.

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  1. When the only use case is can’t be arsed to look at my phone, I know I’m not the target audience for it.