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Crowdfunded: Bucket of Doom

Bucket of Doom

Last autumn I backed Bucket of Doom, a tabletop game project, on Kickstarter. The game is similar to Cards Against Humanity – a person takes it in turn to read out a situation card, and each player has to play a card with an object on it to get out of that situation.

The situations cards all describe an event that, if not escaped from, will mean imminent doom. Unfortunately, the object cards, rather than being useful things like a rope, teleporter or gun, are things like a screaming baby, a deep-fried Mars bar or a plate of strawberry jelly. So when presenting your object (you have 8 object cards, which are double-sided) you have to be creative. The group votes for the best explained escape plan and the winner gets a point.

The project had a funding goal of £15,000 and rather surprisingly only just made it having raised £15,336. I pledged £13, enough to get an early-bird discount over the recommended retail price of £15. Kickstarter backers also got an additional bonus set of situation cards which aren’t included in the final retail edition, and their name included in the credits.

Whereas Cards Against Humanity comes in a cardboard box, Bucket of Doom – unsurprisingly – comes in a neon pink bucket, with the cards, voting paper pads and pencils inside. I got mine late last year, and we played it for the first time a few weeks ago with friends. It was good fun, although if I’m honest, I preferred Cards Against Humanity a bit more where the humour can be a bit more depraved. Bucket of Doom is a more imaginative game though.

If you’re interesting in buying your own bucket, it’s available now from everyone’s favourite multi-national tax dodger Amazon, and can be pre-ordered from Firebox for delivery in a couple of weeks. It’s £15 from both companies.

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