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Home Shopping, part II


2015 is the year when we buy a house, and this week we took a big leap towards that goal: we had an offer accepted.

We started looking at houses around three weeks ago, with our search focussed primarily on the Sowerby Bridge area where we’re currently renting a flat. In all we looked at five houses.

  1. House number one was terrible – a major water ingress problem with the roof, and only partly-renovated.
  2. House number two was much better and was our favourite initially. I’ve written about these two before.
  3. I quite liked the third house, but it wasn’t practical for us. It was up a very, very steep hill – as in, so steep that it has steps and cars have to take a longer route around – and was across four floors with narrow curved stairs. The interior was nice though, and the views out of the windows were great.
  4. House number four was big, and had several large rooms and a nice kitchen. It was also the only property we saw with a decent garden. Inside it had been renovated but there were some rather old-fashioned fixtures and fittings.
  5. The fifth and final house we saw was lovely inside, with a great bathroom and new kitchen, but no garden, and it wasn’t in a great area. It also had a leaking roof – top tip, look for houses in winter so you can feel how weather-proof they are.

The fourth house wasn’t perfect but the things that we didn’t like could be changed relatively quickly. We ended up putting three offers on, with the third accept for a little below the asking price. We’ve also had approval in principle for a mortgage, and have enough money in our savings to cover a 10% deposit and fees.

House purchases can take time and there are various surveys to be undertaken first – plus the current owner needs to move out – but hopefully we’ll be moved in by the summer. The new house is only a few minutes walk from our current flat so moving shouldn’t be too difficult, and we can still reach everything we need by public transport. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Buying a house is one of the most stressful and yet exciting things you’ll do. Best of luck, I hope you guys find the perfect place for you.