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App of the Week: AllCast

Screenshot of AllCast on iOSThis week’s app is AllCast, which lets you stream photos, music and videos from mobile devices to various internet streaming devices.

On the face of it, AllCast is quite a simple app – it takes photos, videos or music on a mobile device, and beams them over a wifi connection to a streaming device on the same network. But where it excels is the wide support for different streaming devices. The obvious ones like Chromecast and Apple TV are there, but so are Roku devices, any AirPlay receiver, Amazon’s Fire TV, a number of Smart TVs and any other device that is compatible with the DLNA protocol. What’s more, the content doesn’t need to be on your device, as AllCast will also detect shared Windows folders on your network. It will also connect to your Dropbox, Instagram, Google+ and Google Drive accounts to display content saved in the cloud. Photos can be displayed individually, or as part of a slideshow.

One limitation of AllCast’s iOS app is that whilst it can show videos in your camera roll – i.e. ones that you have made yourself – it doesn’t seem to be able to beam videos from iTunes. I’m not sure if the same restriction applies to the Android version.

Screenshot of AllCast's menu on iOSOverall though, AllCast is worth downloading because it does one task, and it does it well. It replaces the need for several other content streaming apps, but doesn’t do more than it needs to. And the interface sits well on iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices.

AllCast is free, with ads, and available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. A £4 in-app purchase removes the ads and lifts a limit on the length of video that can be streamed.

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