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App of the Week: Contact Pics+

Screenshot of Contact Pics+Happy Wednesday everyone! As well as being the first time I’ve been paid since the 19th December, today is also the return of App of the Week – for a few weeks, at least.

Contact Pics+ is an iPhone app designed to help you find missing photos for each of your contacts. It’s able to pull in photos from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Gravatar, as well as a more general Google Image Search for their name. Tap a contact, and you can flick through each service to see if it’s able to find an image.

The app will suggest photos based on automatic matches – if you have a contact in your phone called Bob Jones and a LinkedIn connection called Bob Jones, it’ll assume the two are the same. The name matching isn’t quite perfect but it’s not bad.

In my testing I actually found quite a few people’s images through Google Image Search – more than I expected. It helps if your contact is moderately (in-)famous on the internet or has a particularly unique name. Many of my contacts are academics at the university where I work and so their photos are published alongside their research quite often, but if you are friends with a James Smith then don’t expect this to be very useful.

Where the app falls down is speed – it seems to hang for a few seconds rather more often than it should, which is a shame. And some pictures seemed to end up weirdly-cropped when viewed on my Mac – although they were fine in the Contacts app on my iPhone.

All in all Contact Pics+ is a good app for finding those missing photos. I find it easier to browse my contacts when there are pictures showing, and with the recent contacts list showing when you double-tap the Home button in iOS 8 it becomes more obvious when a contact doesn’t have a picture. Despite its flaws I’d recommend it, as does Lifehacker.

Contact Pics+ costs £1.49, and is available from the App Store.

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  1. Thanks to this post, I now have pictures for all 357 of my contacts. It took nearly a week because the available apps for Android aren’t as good as this one, but I managed it, and I enjoyed it. And now I have pictures. 🙂