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Fijian Banded Iguana

Last year, I ran a series of blog posts on Sundays called Kickstarted, about projects that I had backed on Kickstarter. It ran from January until April, by which point I had written about all of the projects that I had backed and had nothing more to say.

Since then, I’ve backed several more projects and so I’m going to resurrect this series. However, some of those projects were on Indiegogo, rather than Kickstarter, so I’m calling it ‘Crowdfunded’ instead to cover both – and any other crowdfunding sites I end up using.

I’ll start writing about each new project (i.e. ones that I’ve backed since April 2014) in two weeks’ time. Next week’s post is to be a review of those that I’ve previously written about, as almost a year will have passed and I figure it’ll be good to look at them again. In some cases they’re now complete, and others are still stuck in development hell. That blog post will go live next Sunday.

Like last year, Crowdfunded will run for as long as I have new projects to write about; as it stands, there’s enough content for at least a couple of months, but this could change if some really good Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns appear in the meantime.

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