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New year, new camera

New camera selfieI’ve got a new camera. It’s another Canon – this time an EOS 600D (aka EOS Rebel T3i).

As usual it previously belonged to my Dad – my previous two Canon SLR cameras (300D and 450D) were inherited from him as well. He now has a 70D, having made the jump into Canon’s more professional range ahead of a safari trip to Africa this year.

I’ve only had the 600D for a short time so I haven’t taken many photos with it as yet. I’ll need to spend some time finding out about the differences – I know it has a higher maximum ISO speed for example. And it can record video as well as take still images.

Also, normally when I get a new camera I take a photo with it in the mirror – this time I just took a boring selfie with my iPhone, although at least this time the background is more interesting. And yes, I know I need a haircut – haven’t had it cut since August and it’s starting to get into my eyes now.

I’ll need to decide what to do with the 450D now. The motor in the lens is broken, but the camera body is still fine. I’ve only just recently gotten rid of the 300D, to a friend.

Here’s to taking more photos in 2015.

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  1. Look forward to seeing all your photos this year!