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Hello 2015!


Well, it’s the start of another year. As well as reviewing the year just gone, as I did yesterday, I usually also write about what is likely to happen in the year ahead.

In 2014, I expected us to buy a house, pass our driving tests and buy a car, go to the gym more, attend two weddings, go to a gig in Manchester and possibly go to Ireland. We did the gig, and we went to two weddings but one of those wasn’t one we were expecting – we were invited to one in the summer but we couldn’t feasibly get there. We didn’t buy a house and whilst we have started driving lessons, it’ll be a little while before we pass our tests and buy a car. But we did go on holiday to Dublin, and also to Bruges last year.

But, those things will hopefully happen in 2015. We still have money for a house deposit, sat in a savings account accruing interest, and hopefully we’ll both be driving by the summer. And whilst I did go to the gym in 2014, I really need to make it a habit, and not something I do for a few weeks and then forget about.

Two weddings are already in the calendar for 2015. One’s a family do, as the last of my four cousins finally ties the knot, and the other wedding is of two good friends.

No concrete plans for a holiday but we may do the ‘mini-cruise’ thing again, this time to Amsterdam instead of Bruges. We have the option of staying the night there so that we can spread it over two days. We’ll be keeping an eye out for cheap deals.

We also only managed one very brief trip to London last year, so we’ll be aiming to go again sometime this year – especially as we have friends living there. And I’d like to squeeze in a weekend in Bristol if possible.

Hopefully 2015 will be a good year. Best wishes to you all for a happy and prosperous new year.

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