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Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals comics

Today I want to tell you about a comic called Sex Criminals. Now normally at this time of year I’d be reviewing the year – and that will come tomorrow – but Sex Criminals and other comics from Image are 50% off until tomorrow at Comixology, if you use the coupon code ‘IMAGE’ at the checkout. And Sex Criminals is well-worth checking out.

So far 9 issues of Sex Criminals have been published; they’re supposed to be issued on a roughly monthly schedule but the first issue came out in September last year – you work it out. Issues 1-5 form the first volume, presumably volume two will end with issue 10 when that comes out some time next year. I’ve read issues 1-5 so far, and have 6-8 waiting for me; issue 9 is full price (£2) and not included in the 50% off deal.

So what is Sex Criminals about? Well, as you may gather from the title, this is an adult comic. Seriously. There is sex, nudity, swearing, guns, mature themes and all-sorts in this. This is not the Beano. But it’s also hilarious, in a similar sort of way to how Cards Against Humanity is hilarious. It’s written by Matt Fraction, who also writes the Hawkeye comics for Marvel – the character played by Jeremy Renner in the Avengers films.

I’m not really one for reading comics but Dave2 recommended it and as the first issue was 69p (even before the discount) I decided to check it out – and found it really entertaining. I’m looking forward to reading the next volume when I have the chance.

Whilst I would recommend buying Sex Criminals at any time, you can get the first five issues for £3.33 at the moment which is a bargain. If you have a slightly twisted sense of humour like me, then I’d thoroughly recommend it. Or, support your local comic book store and see if they have any copies in.

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