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App of the Week: Documents by Readdle

Screenshot of Documents by Readdle on the iPhoneThis week’s app is Documents by Readdle, an app that allows you to open documents on your iPad or iPhone.

That might not sound particularly interesting until I tell you that those documents can be located pretty much anywhere in the cloud, on your network or on a server at your workplace. Documents’ strength comes from its wide support for cloud storage services, as well as any FTP or WebDAV server, and its ability to open most document file types using its own viewers.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Box, Microsoft Office 365 and SugarSync are all supported, which for many will remove the need to have apps for each installed on your device. Documents will also connect to any SMB shares on your local network, and has its own WebDAV server for uploading documents into the app, or downloading them to your computer. It’s really, really powerful.

Any files that you open are downloaded to your device, so you are working with copies rather than the original documents. Uploading these back to the cloud isn’t quite so straightforward as it should be – if you have a document open, then the save option only applies to the app’s own storage or iCloud Drive. Instead, you have to go into, say, Dropbox, and select Upload. It’s a minor inconvenience.

Of course, you can send documents to other destinations as well, and any app that supports iOS 8’s share extensions should be available to you. You could, for example, take a photo stored in Dropbox and post it to Pinterest, all whilst within the Documents app.

Having WebDAV support has been a life-saver whilst in meetings at work, since I can access any documents saved onto the network there without needing to remember to move them into Dropbox beforehand. And it’s really useful to be able to access multiple cloud storage providers in the same app.

I saved the best thing about Documents until last – it’s completely free. No in-app purchases, no adverts, no cost to download. To me, it’s a must-have.

The only other feature that I’d like is perhaps settings synchronisation between the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. If you use both devices then you will need to set up each of your cloud storage accounts on each device – it would be nice if it used iCloud to copy your settings between devices.

Documents is free, and is a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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