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Sleeping, not shutting down

Sleep and shut down

I’ve made a recent habit change of not shutting down my Mac when I’m finished with it, but instead putting it to sleep.

In the past, every time I finished using it, I would shut it down. I typically use my Mac in the morning whilst having breakfast, and in the evening after work, so it was being booted up and then shut down twice a day usually.

The problem is that my Mac is getting old. I’ll have had it five years in February, which is longer than I’ve had any computer before; generally I’ve had a new computer every 3-4 years. And it’s starting to show, particularly when I upgraded to Mac OS X Yosemite. Whilst I like most of the changes to Yosemite, it has made my Mac rather sluggish, particularly when it comes to booting up. It can be several minutes before it’s properly ready to use.

On the other hand, all the work Apple has done to make OS X work well on laptops means that my Mac can resume from sleep mode very quickly – a few seconds, most of which is me entering my password. And as it’s a Mac Mini its electricity usage is relatively low, especially when on standby – plus I still turn off my screen and speakers. So it shouldn’t use much extra electricity to keep it on standby, and it saves me several minutes every day.

Above image is me attempting to use Adobe Illustrator without any prior training…

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  1. Use much electricity? Probably less than a night light.