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App of the Week: Pinner

Screenshot of PinnerIf you use the social bookmarking service Pinboard, and have an iPhone or iPad, then Pinner may be for you.

Unlike rival bookmarking service Delicious, Pinboard doesn’t have an official app, but there are a number of different unnofficial apps out there, especially for iOS. I chose Pinner primarily because it supports the new share extensions in iOS8.

This means that I can select an URL in a tweet in Tweetbot, and use Pinner to save it to Pinboard with tags and a note. This is important for me as most of the links I save are tweeted via IFTTT and Buffer, and appear in the weekly digests that are auto-posted on Saturdays.

Another iOS 8 feature that Pinner supports is Handoff, which means that, theoretically at least, you can move seamlessly between you iPhone and iPad when using the app. It’s also supported on Macs running Yosemite, where it’ll open Safari if needed. However I wasn’t able to get this working between my iOS devices in testing and my Mac is too old to support handoff.

The main menu in Pinner gives quick access to Pinboard’s key features, allowing you to view all bookmarks, or just those that are public or private. There’s also a separate section for unread bookmarks if you’re using Pinboard as a read-later service (I prefer Pocket), and a screen to view and edit tags. Bulk actions are possible too. Community bookmarks give you access to the links your friends have shared and what’s popular globally.

Links can be viewed in the in-app browser, either as full web pages or in an ‘optimised’ mide which runs the pages through the Readability service. And there’s a share button to share links on Facebook, Twitter, email or any other service that supports share extensions like Pinterest.

Pinner offers a large degree of customisation, with three fonts to choose from and a dark mode, plus a number of tweaks to how the app works.

Links can be added to Pinboard using the aforementioned share extensions in other apps, by clicking the + icon in the app or by pasting any URL copied to the clipboard on the menu. Pinner will fetch the title of the page from the URL, and suggest tags.

Considering that I found Pinner just whilst searching the app store, I’m very impressed with it – it’s a powerful app that works in a way that suits me. If you use Pinboard a lot, then I would recommend it to you. It’s in active development and supported iOS 8 features long before many other apps did.

Pinner costs £3 and is a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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