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iPhone 6 on Three (Part I)

New toy to play with!

The nice folks at Three have loaned me a brand new iPhone 6 to review over the next few days. Sadly I don’t get to keep it beyond the end of this week but I’m intending to write a few things about it whilst I have it.

As you may know I’m an existing customer of Three, having switched to them four years ago when I first bought my iPhone 4. I’ve actually just renewed my contract with Three for another 12 months, albeit on a SIM-only basis because I need to save some money this year.

I like being a Three customer. Their network is pretty good overall; last month it was rated second-best in Britain after EE, its much bigger rival, and ahead of O2 and Vodafone. And rather than bundle on extras like cinema tickets, Spotify subscriptions and the like, Three focusses on offering a simple service with no hidden charges.

So unlike its rivals, calls to freephone 0800 numbers are free like they are on landlines. 4G is available to all customers with a compatible phone (including the iPhone 6) at no extra cost. Roaming in 16 countries is free too, including France, Ireland and the USA, so you only pay what you would if you were in Britain. And it only sells unlocked phones nowadays, so if you do decide to change networks, you can do so more easily.

Lastly, and most importantly, almost all of their deals include unlimited internet. By contrast, EE offer a maximum of 20 GB per month at a whopping £38.99, O2 max out at 8 GB per month, and Vodafone at 10 GB on their £42 per month deal, which is SIM-only and doesn’t even include a handset. Three, on the other hand, offers unlimited data for just £15 per month. Whilst I’m sure most users will never use more than a few gigabytes each month, it’s nice to know that you’re never at risk of hitting a limit.

Tomorrow I’ll be looking at the phone itself.

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