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Scotland decides

Edinburgh Castle

Today’s the day when Scotland gets to decide whether to become an independent nation. Those living in Scotland will be asked a simple yes or no question – Should Scotland be an independent country?

I’m going to disappoint you all and say that I’m firmly on the fence here. I’m not Scottish and don’t live in Scotland, so I don’t get to vote – consequently I haven’t decided whether I’m for or against independence. But I am very interested in the result. I last wrote about the referendum in December and back then the ‘no’ campaign was in the lead. This situation stayed the same right until a couple of weeks ago when one poll put the ‘yes’ campaign ahead (by a whisker) for the first time. Since then, all of the polls have essentially been too close to call – so the result will be very, very interesting as it genuinely could go either way.

Around 97% of eligible voters have registered, which will hopefully mean a big turn-out and a result that truly reflects the opinion of the Scottish people. And I very much looking forward to finding out what that opinion is when the results are out. We shall find out soon enough.

If you live in Scotland, please go out and vote. This is probably the biggest opportunity to have your say in the future of your country that you will ever have.

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