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Honest Brew

Selection of beers from Honest Brew

The nice folks at Honest Brew offered me one of their Honesty Boxes to review. It came a few weeks ago, but with nine beers to try, I needed a bit of help – so over the weekend I invited my friends from the Bradford University Real Ale & Cider Society (BURACS) over for a beer tasting. Being students, the offer of free beer was too good to pass up and so four of us worked our way through the nine beers on Saturday, with a break for Doctor Who, of course.

What is Honest Brew?

Honest Brew is two things: a shop that sells individual beers in boxes of up to 24, and a subscription service that lets you receive monthly ‘Honesty Boxes’ with a selection of beers. You can select your favoured types and flavours, and the Honest Brew team will pick out a selection of beers that match your tastes.

My Honesty Box had the following (a list is included in the box):

  • Dark Star Espresso
  • Brewdog Dead Pony Club
  • Five Points Hook Island Red Rye
  • Camden Town Gentleman’s Wit
  • Wild Beer Evolver IPA
  • Fourpure Pilsner (this was in a can and isn’t in the photo above)
  • Partizan Saison Lemon and Thyme
  • Brew By Numbers 03|01 Porter
  • Honest Brew Straight Up Pale Ale

Of these, I’ve had the Camden Town and Brewdog beers before – they’re stocked in one of my local pubs – but the others were new to me. The last one was one of Honest Brew’s own beers and isn’t available anywhere else.

Honest Brew

Straight Up Pale AleTasting the beer

As there were four of us, we tasted the beer in two rounds. We awarded our favourite from each round two points, and one point to the second favourite. I then put those into an Excel spreadsheet, because all drinking sessions need a spreadsheet. Here were the results:

Beer rankings

None of us liked the Hook Island Red Rye from Five Points enough to award it any points. The clear winner was Honest Brew’s own Straight Up Pale Ale, the only beer that everyone liked enough to give points.

Ordering your own box

If you’re a regular beer drinker and want to try something different, then Honest Brew’s Honesty Boxes are a good way to do so. 9 bottles will normally set you back £28 each time, including delivery, which is broadly equivalent to what you’d pay in a supermarket, but with a much better selection.

If you like what you’ve read, then when you order your first box, use the code ‘MOREBEER’ for £10 off. Meanwhile, BURACS’ first pub crawl of the year is tomorrow at 7pm, meeting at the Sports Bar in Student Central, Bradford.

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