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Thirteen and out

Today’s the end of my thirteen day stint at work. Whilst this wasn’t the first time I’ve done such a long unbroken period at work, it’s certainly felt more difficult than in previous years. Though unlike previous years, A-level results day was a 14 hour day for me – normally it’s less – and I gave blood on Monday which may have explained why I was so shattered on Tuesday.

Fortunately we got a HelloFresh box delivered this week, so we’ve been able to eat well without too much thought or effort being required. I was a little sceptical in my review, but then we often pay £39 for a meal out, so £39 for three meals actually saves us money if you look at it from that perspective. And it’s cheaper than ordering in Domino’s. All of the meals we’ve had so far have been great and not the sort of things we’d normally think of cooking ourselves. That being said, we’re not getting one next week as the recipes didn’t look too appetising.

I was able to finish work at lunchtime today, which means I can finally start using up the five days’ worth of time off in lieu of overtime. We have friends staying over this weekend and, as both us have worked without a break for over a week, the flat needs a bloody good clean. So whilst I wish I could put my feet up and chill, I’m going to need to finish writing this to clean the bathroom.

Hope you have a good weekend, especially those of you in Britain who have the Monday off as well.

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