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The daily fight

I’m one of the lucky ones. For me, every day isn’t a struggle. I don’t think I’m worthless. I don’t lose interest in carry out everyday activities. I’m not often angry or irritable. I don’t hate myself. I have the energy and motivation to carry on.

But for many other people these things are a daily occurrence. A daily fight. And sometimes people lose that fight.

They don’t know, or don’t think there is anyone there to help them. A friend, a family member, or a charity like the Samaritans or ChildLine for example.

If you’re a lucky one like me, then you can do something. Speak to your friends and family, especially if you think they’re depressed. Offer to help, or refer them to someone who can. Because someone can, even if they won’t believe you.

Like many of you I was shocked and saddened to hear of Robin Williams’ passing this morning. There will be few people who have not seen at least one of his many films over the years, and it’s a real shame that he won’t be in any more in future. I just wished that someone had been there for him in his time of need.

One Comment

  1. I turned on the radio in my car as I left work that night and they just announced the breaking news about Robin Williams. Stunned would be the understatement. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was so weird, like no other celebrity death before his, this one really struck a nerve with me. I was absolutely gutted.

    I think because I grew up watching Mork & Mindy and then watched almost all his iconic movies over the years. He literally entertained my entire life. Such a shame that someone who brought great joy to the world didn’t feel it himself.