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Run With Us

If you’re like me and grew up in the 1980s then you probably watched the Canadian animated cartoon series The Raccoons on Saturday mornings on BBC1, usually before Going Live. If so, you’ll hopefully like this cover of the theme music, Run With Us, by Matt Fischel, embedded above. The music video uses footage from the original series.

The cover is really good – keeping the original 1980s feel of the song but updating it slightly. You can hear Lisa Lougheed’s version, as used in series two onwards, here on YouTube if you want to compare the two. The song is part of an album of covers released by Fischel, available on iTunes or Amazon.

As for watching The Raccoons, there aren’t many options in Britain. Only series one and two were released on DVD here, although there’s a German release with all six series. I’ve no idea if it includes the original English audio or whether it’s only available dubbed into German. And it’s not on Netflix sadly.

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