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Making do with last year’s model

Nokia 100 and Apple iPhone 5

It’s almost August, so I’m within a couple of months of my initial 24 month mobile phone contract with Three coming to an end. I bought my iPhone 5, along with a new contract, in September 2012.

At the time I decided to go for a new contract because my current phone at the time, an iPhone 4, was not in a good state. It would randomly reboot around once a week, and sometimes when it came back up it would ask to be connected to iTunes, as if it hadn’t been activated. The battery life was starting to get rather poor by this point as well. Rather than spend money on a new battery and hope that it would also fix the reboot problem, I decided to take advantage of the launch of the iPhone 5 and just get a new phone. And because iPhones are so expensive when bought without a contract, I took on a new two year contract at the same time.

This time, my iPhone 5 is in a better state by comparison. Admittedly it too doesn’t have the same battery life as it did when I got it, but that is to be expected, and I have backup batteries in both my usual bags to top it up if needed (which actually isn’t that often). It’s as reliable as it was when I got it, and thanks to the improvements in iOS 7, it’s more useful now than it was two years ago. And iOS 8 will hopefully make it even better.

So, unless the rumoured iPhone 6 is amazing and has must-have features, I’ll sit it out and stick with my current model for the next twelve months. Not only will I not have the upfront cost of a new handset but a SIM-only contract will be much cheaper – around £14 per month instead of the £34 per month I’m paying now, saving me £240 over the year, or £5 per week.

Christine is in a similar position with her phone as well, so hopefully between us we’ll have the capacity to save quite a bit of money over the next year. There’s no point having the latest and greatest model if the current one works fine, and does everything I need it to. I’d rather have the extra money.

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  1. My wife and I were long out of our contracts with AT&T for our 4S iPhones. Earlier this year she ran out of space on her device (she likes to take a lot of videos). So I decided to take the plunge and move us from AT&T to T-Mobile and get her a new 5S with more storage.

    Of course, as soon as she got her new shiny, my 4S looked a little long in the tooth. So obviously I had to get a 5S as well 😉 But now I’m kicking myself a little that the oft rumoured iPhone 6 is coming out in a few months and I’ve only *just* got a 5S. Which means I’ll have a 5S for at least another 18 months. So maybe by then I’ll get a 6S 😉