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Netflix Notifier

Screenshot of Netflix Notifier

If you use Netflix and want to find out when certain films or TV shows will become available, then sign up for Netflix Notifier. Give it a few titles to watch, and you will get emails when they become available in one or more regions where Netflix operates.

It’s pretty simple to use. You can sign up with either your email address, or your Facebook or Google accounts. Search for titles, and then click ‘Add to my list’. You’ll then get regular emails for these titles, listing the regions where the title is available.

Unfortunately you can’t exclude regions you’re not interested in yet. So I now know that the second Hunger Games film, Catching Fire, is available on Netflix in Brazil, but not yet in the UK. This isn’t very useful to me, as I don’t live in Brazil, although I suppose I could do some proxying and try to convince Netflix that I am in Brazil to watch it. It would be nice if the notifier could be set to only tell me when titles are available in my own country.

The service is in beta so there’s a possibility of more features being added in future. But right now it’s really simple to use.


  1. Hi Neil, I’m the developer of Netflix Notifier. Glad you’re finding the site useful (thanks for writing the post). Filtering based on region would add some extra complexity to the site, but I’m sure it would be do-able. I’ll give it some thought

  2. Have you heard anything about it going offline? It is redirecting to another site and I am worried it is going away. I love the site and use it all the time!