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The 10,000th comment

Sometime in the early hours of this morning, the 10,000th comment was posted to this blog. That’s 10,000 comments since September 2002, when I migrated from Blogger to Movable Type and had a native comment system for the first time.

Whilst that roughly works out at 833 comments per year, or 2.28 per day, the majority of these are from the golden days of blogging in the early to mid-part of the previous decade. Nowadays I’ll get one or two a week, if I’m lucky, and there’s rarely more than a couple of comments on any one blog post.

Back then bloggers used to read and comment on each posts a lot. I’m not saying that no longer happens now, but fewer people seem to have their own blogs now, or if they do they’re part of a smaller and more insular community. And as fewer people visit this blog, fewer comments have been left.

There are a few of you who still take the time to leave comments regularly, and I am very much grateful for your contributions.

Here’s to the next 10,000, although I expect it’ll take a lot longer than 12 years to get there. If I’m still blogging in 2028, I’ll have to see.

One Comment

  1. Funnily enough, out of context the comment looks like spam. I don’t read as many blogs as I used to partly as I don’t have as much free time and partly because it’s harder to follow blogs now that Google Reader has gone. Although I have feedly – it’s just not the same.