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App of the Week: 7 Minute Workout

Screenshot of the 7 Minute Workout app on iPhoneYesterday I wrote about my experiences of the seven minute workout – a high intensity workout, taking around seven minutes, that you can do every day to maintain fitness. I won’t be doing it again any time soon, as I don’t think my fitness levels are quite up to being able to handle it regularly. But I do want to tell you about the app I used to help me.

The app is, unsurprisingly, called 7 Minute Workout. I’ll admit that it was the first one that came up when I searched on the app store, but it does have good reviews. It offers the original full body version of the seven minute workout, but others are also available that focus on specific areas of the body. These extra workouts are available via individual in-app purchases, although you can randomly earn some for free if you keep using the app regularly. It’s also possible to create your own workouts, or have the app pick one at random for you if you have bought multiple.

Once you’ve selected your workout, and how many times you want to do it (if you’re insane and want to extend the agony beyond seven minutes), the app will show you each exercise on the screen, and a count down. A voice will also say which exercise to do, when you have ten seconds to go, and for the last three seconds. It will then count down the ten second rest time for you. This means that you can run the app without needing to press any buttons during the workout.

You can customise most aspects of the workout – change the interval time from 30 seconds, or adjust the 10 second rest time. The voice can also be changed – it defaults to iOS’s voiceover default, but can be set to several others including ‘drill sergeant’, ‘kung-fu master’, ‘cheerleader’ and ‘hippie’ – these, as you might expect, are available with an in-app purchase.

For motivation, push notifications can be set to remind you to exercise regularly.

Overall it’s a simple app that is well-focussed on its core purpose, but with a good degree of customisation. The in-app purchases are optional and are not in your face all of the time, so it’s perfectly usable without forking out any money.

7 Minute Workout is free, and is a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, requiring iOS 6.0 or later.


  1. Following your advice, I decided to give this a go myself today (it’s also available for Android).

    Suffice to say I’m currently typing this from a miserably collapsed floor position.