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Cancelling Dropbox Pro

Dropbox Pro cancel email

At the weekend, with a heavy heart, I cancelled my Dropbox Pro subscription, and reverted to a basic account.

I’ve been a Pro user, paying $99 each year, for almost the past two years. But when Dropbox emailed me to say that my Pro account was up for renewal in a couple of weeks, I didn’t feel like I could continue to pay for it. $99 is a bit less than £60, which is money that I could spend on other things.

But there’s also the issue that I’ve already paid for four years of extra storage for Microsoft’s OneDrive, from when I signed up to Office 365. Whilst the Office 365 package only provides an extra 25 gigabytes of storage, I was using less than that with Dropbox. So it was hard to justify continuing to pay £60 per year for something that I was barely using.

This isn’t to say that I will no longer use Dropbox – it’s still my favourite cloud storage service, and besides, I have some shared folders that I need to keep going. But I’ve shifted all of my photos over to OneDrive, since they take up most of the space. So I’ll be using both in tandem, at least for now.

Dropbox is now one of the most expensive cloud storage services, when compared to Microsoft, Google, Amazon and the rest. I may be tempted back if its prices drop (and I noted this in the survey that I was asked to fill out when I cancelled). Also, I’m looking forward to seeing how Apple’s iCloud Drive service turns out when that launches in the autumn. Though iCloud’s extra storage tiers are also rather pricey – 100 gigabytes is £70, which is more than Dropbox, and the next smallest is 20 gigabytes which may be too small. Perhaps Apple will also drop its prices nearer the launch, as I expect more people will be upgrading.

I do feel a bit sad about downgrading my account, even though it makes financial sense. Perhaps as and when Dropbox lowers its prices, I’ll come back.

Update: I changed my mind less than two weeks’ after this was posted, and re-subscribed to Dropbox Pro.


  1. I reluctantly stopped using dropbox when they broke it for machines that have roaming profiles. After eventually getting their support to admit it was a known issue, there response was – it will be fixed one day – keep an eye on the release notes to see when. Kind of hard to get the release notes when the only convenient way to get notified is when the app prompts you for an update, but as I can’t have the software installed I’m not going to get the notification. Unfortunately there is also an issue with OneDrive on domain joined machines too (not sure how Microsoft didn’t test that!)

  2. I’ll probably be doing the same when Yosemite’s iCloud Drive happens.

  3. It’s a shame they don’t provide any pro-rata refunds. I love to support Dropbox when I have the cash but I don’t this cycle and I’m not feeling the love that I can’t get any refund on my annual subscription a month in.