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App of the Week: ReadQuick

ReadQuick screenshotIf you’re like me then you like to read a lot of articles on the internet, but often don’t have time, in which case ReadQuick is an interesting solution. It connects to your existing Pocket, Instapaper or Readability accounts, and displays your saved articles by showing one word at a time for a fraction of a second. By concentrating on the middle of the screen, and not moving your eyes, you should find that you can ‘read’ articles much more quickly than you could in the normal way.

The speed at which words are displayed is customisable; ReadQuick starts at a reasonably low speed but you can increase it if you’re comfortable to do so. If you need a break, then a simple double tap on your device’s screen will pause it.

As well as using articles saved from third party services, the ReadQuick app includes a web browser so that you can save articles to its own reading list. The list will also show roughly how long it will take to read each article, based on the speed that you have set in the app, so quick reads are easy to spot.

If you don’t have anything saved to read, then featured content from some other web sites is available as well.

You do need to be able to keep the device steady for optimum reading. I tried using ReadQuick on the train whilst commuting to work, and found it a bit frustrating. It was better when at home and my phone was stood in a fixed position.

ReadQuick is rather on the pricy side, at $10, or £7 from the App Store. I got my copy free with a code from a friend, and whilst I find it useful, I’m not sure if it’s worth the price. I suppose it depends how valuable your time is, and how often you read things. It’s available as a universal app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but not on Android.

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