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This will probably make no sense

It’s Thursday evening – i.e. yesterday – and I haven’t got a blog post lined up to be published today – i.e. Friday. The England World Cup game against Uruguay is just starting. I’ve got no real interest in watching the game, and nor has Christine, so we’re both sat up in bed, even though it’s only just gone 8pm. I’m writing this on my iPad, using a Bluetooth keyboard, effectively making it a touchscreen netbook.

We’re both very tired having had two consecutive late nights. Tuesday was ISIHAC, and I was at an evening event in Newcastle yesterday for work and didn’t get home until nearly midnight. And we’re both up earlier than normal for work tomorrow too. We should probably be spending quality time together, since we’ve both got busy weeks at work, but instead, here I am, writing a blog post whilst she’s catching up with Twitter.

I couldn’t guarantee that I’d have time to write anything today (Friday) so I decided that it would be best if I wrote a blog post in advance. We have an open day at work and then a colleague is leaving so I’m off to the pub afterwards. Since I’ve managed to publish a blog post every day for the last five months I didn’t want to break the chain.

But the aforementioned tiredness has meant that very little really comes to mind to write about. Even though I have some ideas in Evernote for when I’m feeling uninspired, none of them seem appealing right now. Also, writing anything much more than simple text on an iPad in WordPress is a bit difficult – I’ve found that links tend to get munged and it’s harder to import images.

So this is what I ended up writing. Whether it makes any sense, or is even interesting to anyone, is quite another matter. But it ticks the ‘I wrote something today’ box. And I even managed to beat my 300 word minimum target, and before half time in the football. I’ll probably see what everyone is saying on Twitter, check the score so far, and then go to bed. Night night.

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