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Accio Blog Post!

Platform 9 3/4

Sadly I’m not Harry Potter, so I can’t just summon a pre-written blog post without really thinking about it. Shame.

The weather was lovely over the weekend just gone. Which is a shame because Christine was ill for all of it – and still is, although she’s recovering now. I stayed with her all through Saturday, but on Sunday I escaped to go walking with friends. It would have been rude not to, particularly as they were all travelling from Leeds to do a walk that basically started outside our flat. We went up the steep hill to the village of Norland, across the moorland, and then down into the Ryburn Valley just outside Ripponden. We then walked back along the former trackbed of the Rishworth Branch, a railway line which was closed and lifted in the 1950s, and is now a (rather muddy) footpath.

Whilst looking after Christine, I took the opportunity to play the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, a dark, Film Noir-esque game from Telltale Games. Set in New York, it features fairytale characters seeking refuge, after an exodus from their home. You play Bigby Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf in human form, who is the sheriff and is trying to put his ravenous history behind him. It’s a really good game, with a strong story, and the decisions you make affect how the game will play out. Plus, it’s IGN’s game of the month, so episode one is free for iOS devices (normally £2.99). Subsequent episodes can be bought as in-app purchases – I haven’t done so as yet though.

Work is relatively quiet at the moment but our email system is migrating to Office 365 on Monday, which should prove interesting. Until now it’s been a Unix system with Horde as a webmail client, and Sieve to allow for out of office replies. It’ll be nice to be able to make full use of all of the features of Outlook, and the Outlook Web App looks to be far more capable than Horde. We’re a big organisation with several thousand employees, so the roll-out has been staged – thankfully we’re not the first department to switch.

Next weekend is likely to be spent mostly indoors. Not at least because there’s a weather warning for potential heavy rain and thunderstorms.

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