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Polling day

Polling StationIt’s polling day today in Britain. Everyone will have an opportunity to vote in the elections for the European Parliament, and some people (like me and all of London) will also be able to vote in the local council elections. And a few may have a third ballot for something else, such as the people of Tower Hamlets in London who get to elect a mayor today.

I’ll be taking the time to go out and vote. I feel it’s my duty as a citizen of a democracy, but also because I want to do something to influence the people who run my local area, and also Europe. So I don’t agree with Russell Brand encouraging people not to vote. Young people like me are particularly apathetic when it comes to voting, and then we wonder why politicians scramble to cater for older people who are statistically more likely to vote. It’s a self-perpetuating problem that can only be fixed if more young people get out and vote.

So whether you’re a young adult, a middle aged person, or a bit older, please take the time to have your voice heard today.

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  1. Here In Australia it is compulsory to vote. This means all the people ( or most ) have given their voice. Not voting incurs a fine unless there is a reasonable excuse for not attending. A hangover is not an acceptable excuse. Postal votes and early voting are added options. Election days are always on a Saturday. It is quite festive with sausage sizzles and cake stalls to raise funds for the schools hosting the polling booths.