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Hello from Dublin!

By the time you read this, Christine and I will be in Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland. As I have a big round-number birthday next week, Christine decided to treat me to four nights in Dublin as a present.

Christine has been to Ireland several times before – she had family out there for a few years – but she’s never been to Dublin properly, just the airport. And I’ve never been to Ireland before; I almost went in November 2005 but had to cancel as the trip clashed with a university practical assessment.

The trip was a bit of a last-minute thing and was all booked within the last two weeks. Thankfully we’ve been able to travel on a reasonable budget despite leaving it late to arrange flights and accommodation.

Today’s post, and the ones coming up for the next few days, are therefore pre-recorded. Not that makes much of a change of late, seeing as I tend to write lots of blog posts at once and schedule them to post daily. I will have internet access whilst I’m away, since my network (Three) also operates in Ireland and offers roaming in my contract at no extra cost. We’re back midweek.

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  1. Hope you had a great time. I spent a weekend in Dublin back in 2008 and absolutely loved it. Fantastic city.