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App of the Week: Fotor

Screenshot of Fotor on the Mac

Fotor is a free desktop app for Mac OS X and Windows for editing photos. Supporting a wide range of image formats, including RAW files, you can optimise images before exporting them.

When you launch Fotor and open an image file to edit, you’ll see that the functions are divided into seven main panels on the right of the screen. ‘Scenes’ allows you to adjust the exposure using a wide range of presets, for example. Photos can be cropped and straightened, red eyes can be removed, and there’s the usual settings for brightness, contrast and saturation.

Fotor’s ‘Effects’ tab lets you apply one of many filters, like just about every other photography app these days. There are also a wide range of borders on offer, and text can be added to your images if you wish. Finally, there’s quite a powerful ’tilt-shift’ function if you wish to apply this to your images.

Once you’re done, photos can be saved to your computer, sent by email, or shared on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Mac users can also save their images for storage in iPhoto.

All in all Fotor’s features are broadly comparable to Apple’s iPhoto and Google’s Picasa (which I compared two years ago), although without the photo library management features that the other two apps offer. For image editing I would give Fotor the slight edge as it has more options and presets to work with, albeit without letting users directly manipulate the photo’s histogram. It’s also frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.

For a free app, Fotor is very capable, especially when you consider that Apple charges for iPhoto. The catch is that the app contains advertising for Everimaging’s premium apps, although they’re not too obtrusive.

Fotor is available for free on the Mac App Store (for Mac OS X), CNET (for Windows Vista/7) and on the Windows Store (for Windows 8).

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