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I miss Dave

I miss Dave.

I miss his warmth and joviality.

I miss his renditions of Monty Python’s Lumberjack song, or watching him perform on stage in all of his other roles.

I miss talking about Doctor Who, whether it was the latest episode, or some merchandise, or something a fan had made and posted on Pinterest.

I miss talking about politics; about how our mutual enthusiasm for the Liberal Democrats declined after the coalition came to power and we felt betrayed.

I miss talking about music, about how awful the number one was that week, or how great the new David Bowie album was, or reviewing a gig by the Bonzo Dog DooDah Band.

I miss discussing the latest old, white man in the public eye who had said something racist or sexist on Question Time.

I miss relying on him for sports questions in pub quizzes, because none of the rest of us had a clue.

I miss his write-ups to his visits of quirky tea shops, and suggesting where he should go to next.

I miss hearing him practice his banjolele, and the song that he wrote and performed himself.

I miss his energetic karaoke performances.

I miss his friendship.

I miss Dave.

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