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I don’t accept guest articles!

The ‘contact’ page on here clearly states the following:

I don’t accept offers of guest articles – all content is my own and I want it to stay that way.

This, however, does not stop people sending me offers to write guest articles. Usually I ignore the emails, and only enter into correspondence if they’re persistent. Which, is usually never – I’m guessing that despite the personable tone these emails are mass-generated. Today, however, I had an email which I’d like to share with you. Here it is:

Hello Webmaster,

I really liked your Blog and article that you wrote about phones, that were really very great.

Grammar issues aside, I’ve written about phones on multiple occasions.

As you have already published Articles from different authors I thought it would be nice if I too had an opportunity to present your blog’s readers with something of real value. I do guest posts on a regular base and I am aware about what sort of article will appeal to you and your readers.

No, I don’t publish articles from different authors. As far as I am aware, the only time there has ever been a blog post posted on here that I haven’t written was when I mirrored Dr Brooke Magnanti’s post about how to blog anonymously. And that was because someone had hit her blog with a bogus DMCA claim.

But I am interested to see what sort of article you think will appeal to my readers.

Well for your choice,

[article titles about rumours for new smartphones, mostly Android]

Awaiting Response,
Thank you.

Erm, nope.

Naturally the email used a generic name, and came from a Gmail account. No company name was provided. Invariably the same articles will have been offered to a range of different blogs, and will probably include links in them designed to manipulate search engine rankings.

I have wondered about changing my stance on guest articles though. Instead of saying no in all cases, I would instead have a policy with ridiculous terms – all links with the ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ attribute, all articles have to be approved, and high prices. Of course, I doubt any of the people who email me would ever bother reading it though.

An update (Thursday 15th May)

I received another email today from the same sender:

Hello Webmaster,

Hope you are doing well!

I would like to request you please take out some time from busy schedules and review the requirement which I have emailed you.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

Thus proving my point that the sender had never read my web site. I haven’t responded directly.

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