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App of the Week: Drafts

Screenshot of Drafts on iOSDrafts is an app for iOS devices for writing short pieces of text. Doesn’t sound like much, but once you have written your piece of text, Drafts can then send that text to other apps or services.

Drafts turns iOS’s content creation model on its head. With most other apps, you open the relevant app, write something, and then submit it. With Drafts, you open Drafts, write something, and then choose the relevant app to send the text to. More importantly, that one piece of text can be sent to multiple apps or services. So a tweet can be posted to multiple Twitter accounts, but also to Facebook,, and Google+. And then you could save it as a text file in Dropbox, or as a new note in Evernote.

A character count is provided, to help with tweeting, but Drafts also shows a word count too.

Although Drafts is designed for plain text, it can create rich text output using Markdown which can be sent to apps which accept rich text input. It also supports AirPrint, if you want to print your notes and have a compatible printer.

Drafts is also extensible, so you can add even more actions from the actions directory. I added one which can create new posts on Tumblr, for example. And you can write these yourself if you wish.

I mainly use Drafts for cross-posting to multiple social networks, especially as it’s one of the few apps which supports Google+ profiles. But it’s also great for when you need to quickly make a note of something, as you don’t need to make a snap decision about the best place to save it.

Drafts is iOS-only, and sold separately as versions for iPad (£2.99) and iPhone (£2.49).

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