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App of the Week: TapBounty & AppBounty

Screenshot of AppBounty web siteThis week’s app lets you earn rewards for installing and opening iOS apps on your iPhone or iPad. It’s called TapBounty, and links with the AppBounty service.

AppBounty offers points in return for doing various tasks. Most of these are installing an app from the iOS app store, and then opening it at least once, although some others will also require you to register, or like a Facebook page. The number of credits on offer for each task can be as little as 20, or as many as 250 in some cases. You also get points for referring people – all of the links in this post are therefore referral links, because I’m a tart.

6 points are worth a penny, and the lowest rewards are are 1200 points for £2. The majority, at the £10 mark, require 6000 points so you will need to complete several tasks to get a decent reward. Points can be redeemed for vouchers for Amazon, iTunes, Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Minecraft or Facebook credits.

Most of your interactions with AppBounty will be done in Safari, rather than the TapBounty app. The main purpose of the app seems to be for verification – i.e. ensuring that you actually have opened the apps that you’ve downloaded so that you can claim your points. However, once you’ve opened the apps once and received your points, you can then delete them if you don’t wish to use them. Which is probably wise as otherwise you’ll end up with a device full of apps that you don’t use. Some examples are shown in the screenshot.

You could argue that there are ethical issues here, as I’m pretty sure that app developers are using AppBounty to manipulate the iOS App Store rankings. By paying people to download their app, it’ll go up in the rankings and show more prominently in search results. Of course, some people will keep the apps on their phone and may even use them, but it’s a bit sneaky in my view.

I’ve only amassed around 500 points so I’m some distance away from actually being able to claim rewards. Some of the reviews of TapBounty on the iOS App Store suggest that there are issues with redeeming points but others seem to have no problems. And still others seem to be spoilt brats giving it one star reviews purely because it is currently out of stock of PlayStation Network points. If I were to give it a star rating, I’d probably give it three out of five because it’s quite slow, and because of the time and effort required in order to get rewards from it.

TapBounty is a free download from the iOS app store, and you can sign up for an AppBounty account here.

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