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Kickstarted: The Awkward Yeti’s Great Big Project

What was it?

The fourteenth project I backed on Kickstarter was The Awkward Yeti’s Great Big Project, to fund three new books and a plush doll.

How much did I pledge?


What did I get?

Like last week’s project, I haven’t got anything because the Kickstarter has only just finished, although it’s likely to be next month when the reward I selected (a PDF copy of one book) is made available.

I first came across The Awkward Yeti via Tastefully Offensive who re-share his comics quite frequently, and have more recently been following on Facebook. The comics tend not to follow a story arc but are still funny and in some cases relate to events in my own life as well – good old fashioned observational comedy. Although I’ve recently bought the Gall Bladder’s Last Day t-shirt (in fetching purple!), I was happy to help out again to fund these books. I imagine that they will be available to buy online in the near future.

This, incidentally, is the last of the Kickstarted series, as I’ve now covered all of the Kickstarter projects that I’ve backed. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them over the past three months. From next Sunday onwards I’ll be back to writing normal blog posts, as usual.

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