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App of the Week: Clic and Walk

Screenshot of the Clic and Walk appThis week’s app is a rare example of an app that I’ve been asked to review. Normally, I only review apps that I would myself use, but, about six weeks ago, I was contacted to try out Clic and Walk. The app offers ‘missions’, where you are asked to go and do something and, in return, receive a small amount of money as payment.

I suppose it’s a bit like the various paid-for surveys that I occasionally write about, but done entirely using either an Android or iOS app. The idea being that some of the missions will involve going to places, although in my experience the vast majority have been things that you do at home.

Clic and Walk’s missions generally involve a list of questions, and you’ll either be asked to select one or more answers, type in your own, or take a photo. The missions usually take about 5 to 10 minutes, and pay around 40p, which is in line with other survey sites. Payout is once you hit €3, which is approximately £2.50 at current exchange rates.

I’ll be honest – I haven’t really got into Clic and Walk. Mainly because most of the missions I’ve done have actually required a computer as well, and asked me to take pictures of things on the screen. There are also only a handful of missions available, and upon completion you have to wait until your responses are verified before you get any money. So I’ve only got 55p from it so far.

I gather that Clic and Walk app was originally only available in France, and it shows – some of the translations into English are a bit iffy and it uses a number of French conventions that aren’t common in Britain. It could do with some more work.

As a way of getting a little extra cash, I suppose it may be worth using but you’ll probably make more money from the likes of Valued Opinions or MySurvey. Whilst the surveys tend to be longer, the payouts are bigger, albeit usually in vouchers rather than cash.

Clic and Walk is free, and available for iPhones and iPads, and Android devices.

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