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Kickstarted: Master of the Seven Teas

What was it?

The thirteenth project I backed on Kickstarter was Master of the Seven Teas, a new game by Gaslight Games for desktop and mobile featuring pirate ships fighting inside cups of tea.

How much did I pledge?


What did I get?

So far, nothing – but then the Kickstarter only ended ten days ago. It’s likely to be September when the rewards become available. By pledging £6, I’ll get a copy of the game on my chosen platform, which includes Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry and the OUYA console. This means that initially it will only be available on desktop and OUYA, before expanding to the remaining mobile platforms after two months, as OUYA are matching pledges to provide additional funding.

This was nearly unlucky number thirteen for me. I only came across the project a day before its funding deadline, when it was still a long way off from achieving its £17,500 goal. Indeed, it only met the goal with mere minutes to go, eventually exceeding its target by just £17.

Many of those who work for Gaslight Games are, like me, graduates of the University of Bradford, where I work, and they’re located locally. So as well as it looking like a cool game, I’m proud to be supporting fellow Braduates. Hopefully now that the funding is in place, development will get underway.

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