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Kickstarted: Frisky & Mannish’s Pop Education Trilogy

What was it?

The twelth project I backed on Kickstarter was Frisky & Mannish’s Pop Education Trilogy, which sought to edit and post their three tour shows online for everyone to watch.

How much did I pledge?

Just £1.

What did I get?

I didn’t select a reward so I didn’t get anything specific in return for backing the project, but the money raised meant that all three videos are available on YouTube for everyone to watch free of charge.

Christine and I went to see Frisky & Mannish when they came to play in Bradford in September 2012. I’ve been aware of them for a while, after a former housemate shows me some of their videos on YouTube. Essentially they are a cabaret duo who do musical parodies, such as Kate Bash – combining the works of Kate Bush and Kate Nash, and a ‘grime’ re-working of Top of the World by The Carpenters. Though these short videos are good, they are far better live as it’s the interactions between the songs that make them worth watching. So now that they have posted three of their full length shows for all to see, you can see what they’re really like.

At the moment, Frisky & Mannish are on a break, but they are doing a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. Hopefully this will lead to another tour – either way, if you have the chance to see them, please do, as we had a really good time.

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